Located a few steps away from the former location, the new restaurant was designed by architect Philippe Lagrange.

Chef Bernard Mariller now welcomes you in timeless and relaxing, dark brown, aluminium, shiny stainless steel and black premises.


Guided visit of the restaurant

The dining area is now larger, seating 40 guests over 140m².
The new 60m² kitchen (previously 12m²) offers new perspectives to the cooking team.


Reevaluate yourself in order to improve

It was not possible to work in a 100m² venue anymore. My desire was to work with my business partners in another venue and to continue this adventure with my clients, which started in 1991.
I wanted to have a more relaxing and contemporary venue, and especially to be able to pass on my restaurant in a well-preserved state. I did not want to have ageing premises.

Bernard Mariller